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Cybersecurity Solutions

Any good cybersecurity program must start with risk management, and this then drives the program with a “continuous improvement” mindset. Threats change over time, as do the risks, so the cybersecurity program is not a “set and forget” program.

Effective risk management is based upon five fundamental steps:

    • Identify critical Assets
    • Identify the value of critical assets
    • Identify the impact of loss/harm to assets
    • Identify the likelihood of loss or harm to assets
    • Prioritize mitigation activities to be implemented

​NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) was founded in 1901 and has defined many standards and benchmarks for various organizations and industries. NIST developed a cybersecurity framework, which was created to establish an adaptive approach for all organizations to implement, manage, measure, and uniformly discuss cybersecurity. The framework helps organizations establish an effective cybersecurity strategy, and aligns very well with business goals and language.

Harborcoat is leveraging the NIST cybersecurity framework to categorize suppliers, and more importantly, help our customers. By speaking in the language of this framework (Identity, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), our customers can more easily discover where they are in their lifecycle and help with solutions in each phase.

Contact Center / CCaaS

Would a contact center solution work for your business? Here are the top five ways your organization could benefit.

    • Integration with CRM software – Track your successes and failures and analyze the data to determine the best time to pick up the phone. Add new customers to your database with every call.
    • More respect for your customers’ time – No one likes waiting on the phone. And having to explain the same problem twice or connecting with an agent who can’t help is even more frustrating. Contact Center Solutions properly direct the call and pass on the information to the next agent.
    • Integration with social media – Today’s customers/callers Tweet, Like, and Chat more than making calls. Today’s Contact Center Solutions can monitor and filter social media and detect who needs special attention. You can direct your customers on any social media platform right to your agents.
    • It’s all about experience – Contact Center Solutions let a supervisor monitor a call and gives the option of either “whispering” into an agent’s ear without the customer hearing, or “barge” into the call and take over. Either way, the customer will get the benefit of the more experienced agent and have a better call experience.
    • Customizable distribution rules – The order that calls are directed can be completely customizable based on tracking and analyzing data on success rate, length of calls, skill sets, and more. You can also make sure customers get the same agent every time.

For more information on how contact center can increase productivity and deliver better customer service in your organization, reach out today.


When choosing a phone system for your business, the toss-up between an on-premise solution or a hosted phone system (PBX – private branch exchange) can be somewhat confusing. A hosted phone system, also known as Unified Communications as a Service (or UCaaS) is a virtual phone system hosted for you by a service provider.

With a hosted PBX, introducing a whole new phone system to your company isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s quick and easy to set up, so there’s no downtime for your business or expensive installation costs. Moreover, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive the best service and support and that your business’ communications are in safe hands. More and more companies are opting hosted phone solutions and with good reason, so what are some of the benefits of hosted business VoIP?

    • Lower setup costs – as the PBX is virtual, the initial investment is minimal as there is no need for the costly hardware and installation that a traditional PBX requires.
    • Elimination of maintenance costs – your PBX is hosted by us, so there is no need to hire someone in-house to manage and maintain it.
    • A scalable solution – a hosted PBX is easy to scale up or down with minimal work and costs.
    • User-friendly – For end-users, a virtual PBX is conveniently simple to use and manage. There’s no need for any training or specialized skills so you can start using your new phone system right away.
    • Unbeatable mobility & global potential – with a hosted PBX, employees can work from anywhere. All they need is internet access. Additionally, multiple offices can be connected by the same system eliminating inter-office call charges.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your needs. We have dozens of providers to choose from, so we can select the one that is best for your business.

Cloud Solutions

With more and more companies contemplating moving their businesses to the Cloud, as well as availing themselves of AI, RPA, machine learning, and other emerging technologies now is the time to see how Cloud solutions could benefit your business if you are not doing it already. If you are looking to expand your cloud footprint, we can help you maximize the dollars you are currently spending.

​At Harborcoat, we have a team of engineers and experts ready to help facilitate conversations with you, from solution designing, implementation, and all things Cloud, including cloud infrastructure, content delivery services, desktop and replication, software as a service, storage, and all things data center.

    • Easy user collaboration
    • Enhanced security
    • Cost-efficient
    • Stable data storage
    • Rapid Implementation

IT Staff Augmentation

To arrange and launch a successful IT project, you need highly experienced and talented specialists. Besides, they must provide useful skills. To work on a certain project, you may need a few specialists with extra skills. The ones whose assistance is required only for a current project.

In such a case, you need to find and hire specialists for a single project. Sure, you can try to teach someone from your staff to complete the assigned job. Still, it may end in disaster. First, you often have no time or additional budget for employee training. Secondly, your employees already have assigned responsibilities. Thus, the decision to get an outside expert for a single project is the most logical one.

Staff augmentation is the method used to bring outside experts to join your team temporarily. You add experts to your staff to fill the current need. Staff aug assures your long-time employees don’t get overwhelmed with the added responsibilities.

Transparent Computing

The simplest explanation we can give is that this platform will be most similar to Microsoft, Salesforce or Ethereum where complete businesses will be built relying upon its infrastructure and businesses will be created for the sole purpose of utilizing it’s software.

​Mobeus has built multiple tools. The types of infrastructure they go to market with include the following:

* Mobe Platform (Tools & Services)
* Curated Content Marketplace
* Social Presence Expertise Marketplace
* Curated Experience Marketplace
* Mobe App Marketplace (think of Salesforce or Shopify marketplace)

Harborcoat will be building security and contact center solutions using the platform. Contact us to discuss how this can benefit your business.



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